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University of Durham

University of Durham

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  • Funder: WT Project Code: 201582
    Funder Contribution: 42,958 GBP

    This pilot project will represent the first significant attempt to link musicology with the interdisciplinary field of trauma studies. It focuses on the ways in which the lives and work of Soviet composers were shaped by experiences of war, revolution, genocide, and living under a suppressive totalitarian regime—topics of key importance, but which have yet to be investigated more comprehensively. A central concern will be to establish how their compositional idioms reflected a creative quest to discover new ways of representing extreme psychological and emotional states, extending perspectives and methodological approaches developed in cognate areas of trauma studies such as literary criticism. The project will culminate in an interdisciplinary conference focusing on wider questions about the links between music and trauma. It is conceived as a preliminary to a larger collaborative programme of research investigating the centrality of trauma for understanding musical creativity of the Modernist era. In addition to extending the focus to take in compositional repertories from other geographical regions, this will investigate the noteworthy predominance of an ‘aesthetic of the traumatic’ in twentieth-century music that intensified further after World War II. It will also enable greater understanding of how music can be therapeutic for victims of trauma.

  • Funder: WT Project Code: 064772
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  • Funder: WT Project Code: 096916
    Funder Contribution: 104,184 GBP

    Despite the increase in the use of New Reproductive Technologies in Sri Lanka,there is a significant gap in knowledge about ethical issues and concerns in relation to the reproductive material transaction practices and guidelines that the practitioners adhere to. Therefore, this project aims to study the views of different stakeholders involved in reproductive tissue transactions in Sri Lanka in order to develop policies appropriate to local needs.

  • Funder: WT Project Code: 101955
    Funder Contribution: 79,559 GBP

    The rapidly growing ultra-Orthodox Jewish community in Gateshead is unique; its exclusive reputation as a global centre for Jewish learning encourages continuous migration from world Jewry, but simultaneously resists external influences. This PhD will evaluate interpretations and responses to preventive health messages which are designed to optimise the health of ultra-Orthodox Jewish boys, whose lives are religiously circumscribed. I will advance previous research into the health behaviours of ultra-Orthodox Jewish communities and investigate whether low responses to the look after yourself message is an act of resistance to preventive health services and technologies that are not considered culturally-appropriate, rather than an issue of non-compliance. Moreover, it will explore whether low uptake of preventive health services is indicative of the community circulating health behaviours that defy biomedical authorities. Qualitative data informed by GPs, parents, and children will examine interpretations and responses to preventive health messages which focus on critical areas of child health, such as immunisations, nutrition and physical activity. Quantitative data will assess differences in health behaviours between ultra-Orthodox Jewish boys and boys from the general population. Overall results will provide a clearer understanding of inter- and intra-community health behaviours in a historically disadvantaged region of the UK.

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  • Funder: NIH Project Code: 1R21ES014585-01A1
    Funder Contribution: 146,679 USD

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